About us

C-Job is an independent ship design and engineering company delivering services to the maritime market.
Transforming ideas into ship designs

Transforming ideas into ship designs

C-Job believes that advanced shipping designs and high-quality engineering solutions only come about when there is intensive cooperation with the client.

The ideas and ambitions of C-Job’s clients are transformed into a practical ship design with the latest technical and sustainable design solutions.


Sustainable ship designs

We find sustainability self-evident at C-Job. We advise our clients on how their ship can be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. We know the requirements for this and the techniques demanded to achieve this.

The principle underlying our designs is the functionality required by the client. There are often various possible technical solutions to achieve the same result. In those cases we not only provide advice on technical possibilities but also on the sustainability of the various systems.

Our story

C-Job started with three enthusiastic naval architects – Klaas Tanis, Basjan Faber and Job Volwater. After college they decided to collaborate to make their dream of designing and engineering all types of ships come true. C-Job was born.

In almost ten years C-Job has grown into the no. 1. independent design and engineering partner in the Dutch maritime industry. A succes story made possible by their team of professionals. Naval architects and engineers which embrace C-Jobs vision: “Work with perspective, power and passion on any design, draft and calculation services required for shipping.”

C-Job has

Engineers employed

Our crew consists out of

  • Naval Architects 39%
  • Structural Engineers 28%
  • Mechanical Engineers 30%
  • Interior Engineers 3%

C-Job has all disciplines available in-house

Together with our clients we design unique vessels

C-Job’s clients are closely involved in the entire ship design process. This way of knowledge sharing comes to the good of the design process and carries on until the building and delivery of the vessel.

C-Job also ensures that all their naval architects and engineers are constantly familiar with the newest developments. This applies not only to the field of shipbuilding, but also to software, technique and the fields in which our clients work. This is the only way in which C-Job is and remains the most advanced maritime shipping engineering consultants’ office in the Netherlands.

On a regular basis C-Job provides engineering lectures at universities abroad and locally. This keeps C-Job in close contact with the maritime engineering students. This sharing of knowledge comes to the good of high-level maritime education and possible new talent at C-Job.

Our clients

C-Job is an all-round party that operates in a central role. Whether we have to work on a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, Mega Yacht, Ferry, Multipurpose Ship, C-Job has the right experience. Therefore, C-Job works for a wide variety of companies in the maritime industry.


Good to know

C-Job’s wide experience with multiple types of vessels, equipment and marine operations ensures our clients to receive the best solution available.

Andrey Zherebetsky

Director | C-Job Nikolayev