Detailed Design and Engineering is a high complexity process. It’s accuracy determines the quality and final cost of the new build vessel. Nowadays the big and complex projects require new subcontractors. In this case the Client wants to collaborate with skilled, experienced and creative designers.

However, what is the key evaluation points of your reliable detailed design supplier?

We would like to point out the next:

  • Industry Experience: Check the company’s reference list for types of projects and the scope of work done.
    • Who are they perform designs for?
    • Are there complicated ship design solutions or big projects?
    • What scope does the company perform?
  • Expertise: Make sure that the company has the right expertise, skills, and sufficient knowledge of CAD tools. Check the showcases on the website unfolding this experience as blog publications, press releases, etc. Qualified specialists gladly share the experience of problem solving on their resources, so content quality will be a good hint.
  • Size and range: The team size and wide range of disciplines coverage matters. If you have a short task, select a smaller agency, which can be more dedicated to your cause, and more economical too. Big and complex projects require multidisciplinary in-house teams who can ensure the connection of initial ideas and delivered vessel.
  • Development: The successful companies grow not only in their skills; they expand to more geographical regions to satisfy their customers demand. Growing companies dedicate resources to develop R&D solutions and optimize processes that positively affect their clients’ projects.
  • Self-Contained project coordination: Make sure that your counterparty is able to plan, manage and control the project processes independently. Of course, it depends on your needs – just outsource designers to your team or independently execute the project.
  • Quality Control System: Which quality management system is implemented and whether it is actually executed? This can be identified through the audit before the start of potential cooperation.
  • Ability to meet the requirements: It is important to work with engineers who have real production experience. Such team understands the shipyard requirements perfectly. It allow to build effective communication lines from the very start of the project.  The timely and right decisions based on a proven background is a guarantee of project success.
  • Testimonials:  Ask for recommendations – usually the search of ship design provider starts from this point, nevertheless checking the company with all tips mentioned above could significantly reduce the timely and financial risks connected with your project.

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