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Explore the comfort of this cozy houseboat, where you’re free to shape a lifestyle that suits you.

Whether you choose a peaceful harbor or the lively city, make this spaceuniquely yours.

Enjoy the perfect blend of simplicity and style aboard this welcoming houseboat.

  • Great for personal stays, vacation rentals, hotels, or recreation spots!
  • 21 days of absolutely autonomy.
  • Complies with the Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification.

Basics and dimensions

Length 13,49 [m]
Beam 6,00 [m]
Depth 1,50 [m]
Airdraft 7,04 [m]

Accommodations: 1st Level

Bathroom 3,4 [m²]
Kitchen 7,3 [m²]
Bedroomx2 6,3 [m²]
Technical room 2,4 [m²]

Accommodations: 2nd Level

Party terrace 2,4 [m²]



Mooring gears
Towing gears
Lifesaving equipment
Emergency and firefighting equipment
Beach platform


Ship Systems

Shore connection system
Fresh water supply system
Deck water supply system
Heating system
Drying system

Electrical Equipment

Electricity distribution, voltage and frequency Navigation lights  


30 Solar panels 2 Wind generator Diesel generator 15kw  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Videocalls are also possible.


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