Ship 3D modeling

Basic Design is one of the most important stages in the ship design project – converting the concept into a basic design.

We develop the Concept design into a Basic 3D model while ensuring continuous compliance with classification society requirements, up to and including approval. Approved design further developed into a detailed design.

If there is needed more information, we also provide Information Package (Functional Design) which ensures that basic and detailed stages fully correspond.

A wide range of ship design software used helps to create real-time collaboration with the client to improve productivity at the building level and reduce production costs. C-Job Nikolayev provides efficient 3D Ship Modelling using the latest designing tools like Cadmatic, Aveva Marine, Siemens NX, ShipConstructor, etc. This allows our multi-disciplinary in-house engineers to create intelligent 3D models with real-time updates on steel and equipment weight estimations as well as material take-offs that can be used by the shipyard for placing precise material preorders much earlier.