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Mega yachts with their exclusive performance have become a separate area in shipbuilding. Each project consists of advanced technology and innovative ideas. Our goal is to develop technical solutions with the overall aesthetic beauty in mind and exceptional passengers’ comfort.

Mikhail Bardin, General Project Manager at C-Job Nikolayev, says: “C-Job has taken part in 12 luxury projects across the years. Each project has sensitive nature and we are unable to highlight only one specific project, but due to our experience in engineering, project management and onsite support we can speak about the general challenges we usually face.”

Limited space and systems convenient in operation

The main problem is lack of space between hull of the vessel and exclusive interior. Inside this area engineers make equipment arrangement and hide piping, insulation, lining and systems which provide comfort for passengers. All equipment should be user-friendly, appear neat and elegant in engine room and other technical spaces. So, the main issue is to pack as much as possible in the tiniest space.


Continuous changes from customer

Mega yacht is one’s dream which the engineers make true. Its concept is driven by the customer’s imagination and embodied by the inventive intelligence of engineers. That’s why the project modifications are frequent and can emerge at any time. Even minor changes in size, equipment or interior arrangement lead to alterations in the whole project. The engineers make the customer’s wishes come true while keeping in mind all related items in hull, outfitting, HVAC, pipes.

Mikhail Bardin says “Thanks to our flexibility we are able to follow any shipyard standards and to meet the needs of the customer. Experienced and English-speaking team of engineers is always ready to implement changes with dedication and quick response.”

Mikhail Bardin

Mikhail Bardin

General Project Manager

Link between customer and shipyard

The process of mega yacht building requires close connection between customer, equipment supplier, and shipyard. Naval architects provide such a link for optimal project management, customer support, and design supervision. This ensures to keep the project on schedule and to shorten communication lines.

Lead engineers with significant experience can support a project onsite to keep track of the progress, coordinate the team, and respond immediately on changes.


Cross-specialization approach

Mikhail Bardin says: “Based on our experience in detail design, we have established cross-specializations approach in mega yachts engineering. Team of C-Job Nikolayev has knowledge and tools for efficient coworking. This approach allows avoiding collisions between hull, pipes, HVAC, cable trace, outfitting and interior during the building stage. The most important thing is that any optimizations of yacht design never compromise on comfort and high standards of quality.”

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