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Electrofit and Electric engineering

Electric power systems and battery operation become an integral part of sustainable future and an alternative to traditional fuels, as emissions to air can be completely eliminated.

C-Job Nikolayev provides full complex of electric scope for different types of vessels and implement green technologies in electric powered vessels: concept design, basic design, detail design engineering.

Electric Marine Design

Services we provide

  • Electric Load Balance
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Detail electrical drawings (system oriented)
  • Power distribution system
  • Radio navigation communication and alarm system
  • Vessel monitoring and alarm system 
  • Lighting system
  • Location of electrical equipment
  • Cable tray routes and penetration
  • Penetration drawings
  • Integrating new system to existing vessel 

sustainable shipbuilding options

With hybrid technologies

For models, where it is still difficult to implement electric drive system, C-Job Nikolayev provides environment friendly hybrid marine design solutions like diesel electric drive and hybrid drive with peak shaving technologies.

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