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C-Job Nikolayev delivers a wide range of piping services. By creating complete piping arrangement drawings shipyards can operate more efficient and shipowners can make crucial decisions in advance. We also create 3d models for machinery spaces conceptual & detail arrangement with equipment arrangement drawings.

C-Job designs are accompanied by promt workflow approach. One working week is enough to generate a complete amount of equipment for an average ship. 

Pipes & systems

Shipbuilding services we provide for Pipes and Systems

  • Machinery spaces conceptual & detail arrangement
  • Pipes routing
  • HVAC routing
  • Cable trays routing
  • 3D modeling of equipment
  • Piping arrangement drawings
  • Equipment arrangement drawings
  • Pipes spools
  • Material take-off (MTO)

Extensive track record

For all ship types

For a variety of vessels, including tankers, container ships, megayachts, dredgers, and offshore platforms, C-Job Nikolayev has considerable expertise in designing piping systems. We use cutting-edge technologies and incorporate the most recent industry standards and codes into our design process to ensure accurate and effective design.

Our team of skilled engineers provides a complete documentation package for vessels, including detailed piping design and specifications. We catalogue all equipment and components, including connections, service spaces, footprints for foundations, and a full set of attributes required for a design.


A library full of equipment

The successful design and engineering of a vessel’s systems depends on equipment and component libraries. At C-Job Nikolayev, we maintain an extensive database of equipment and components, including pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and other marine machinery items. Based on the specifications and needs of the vessel, this library allows us to rapidly and accurately choose the right equipment for each project.

Each piece of equipment in our library has detailed technical specifications and performance information. This information is crucial for the accurate sizing and selection of components and ensures that the vessel’s systems operate safely and efficiently.

For small but also big complex vessels

Meeting and understanding all shipyard requirements

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