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Retrofit is the possibility for existing ships to extend their life terms or to follow the latest regulations, like in terms of Greenhouse gas emissions or Ballast water treatment requirements. Our engineers are highly skilled in using 3D scans and workshop drawings to generate a 3D model in Cadmatic or other software, then incorporate the updated model and issue production information based on the updated model.

In the case of retrofits, a scanned model is mandatory over the construction documentation, which is the major distinction for this type of work. Point clods are required since there might be differences between the actual vessel’s frame spacing, equipment arrangement, or pipe routing and the information on the actual ship documentation. Our projects completely match the design of the current vessel to avoid collisions.

Retrofit shipbuilding solutions

Reducing emissions and more

  • For installing scrubbers.
  • Retrofit ship systems, engines and equipment.
  • Upgrading systems and engines.
  • Installing hybrid energy systems.
  • Upgrading Ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) due to new regulations.
  • Integrate scrubbing system.
  • Integrate SCR system.
  • Installing hybrid energy systems.

Our top experts

Generate detailed 3D images

Our laser scanning is an important tool in retrofitting. C-Job Nikolyev experts rapidly build up precise 3D imagery in the form of Point Clouds. This reduces the time required to take measurements within spaces inside a vessel, as well as increasing the accuracy to two millimeters or less.

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