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Hull design

The hull of a vessel is the base of the ship. It’s the most important structure of the vessel as it protects the cargo, crew and machinery on board. Every vessel has a purpose and so does our engineering team.

C-Job Nikolayev engineers have a passion for ships. We offer high quality and sustainable hull designs services based on the needs of our clients. Our expertise, passion and involvement make us your perfect independent design and engineering partner.

Structural design

Hull design services we provide

  • Concept Design 3D models
  • Basic Design 3D models
  • Scantling calculations
  • Construction Plans
  • Detail design & production drawings
  • Vessel reports & more

For all vessels

From fishing trawlers to cruise ships

We develop the concept design into a Basic 3D model while ensuring continuous compliance with classification society requirements, up to and including approval. Approved design further developed into a detailed design.

Other hull services we provide

In addition to our concept, basic and detail design services C-Job Nikolayev also creates:

Weight and COG reports

Profile reports

Nesting reports

Profile and parts sketches

Plates and profiles nesting

Curved and shell plates development

Bending templates and pin jigs

Assembly planning

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