FEA FEM Services

Taking the lead requires world-class Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services and FEA Consulting for your ship design.

Ship Structural Analysis

C-Job Nikolayev FEM engineers are dedicated to Clients needs when it comes to ship strength analysis for various structural elements like bulkheads, transverse fames, girders and plates and foundations as well as global analysis and optimization for hull structure.

C-Job Nikolayev can provide skilled engineers in structural analysis to complement the Client’s own team or undertake projects within its own dedicated facilities.

Core FEA capabilities:

  • Structural Analysis (linear, nonlinear, static, dynamic)
  • Thermal Analysis (steady-state, transient)
  • Design Optimization
  • Sub-models preparation, load transfer and analysis 
  • Heavy equipment (tiltable ramps, sliding and hinge doors etc.) integration check
  • Structure improvement
  • Scripting in ANSYS APDL and Femap
 Core FEA capabilities
Flexibility in Software

Our experts are flexible in software using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software applications such as:

  • ANSYS Mechanical (WB and APDL)
  • Siemens Femap
  • Nauticus Hull – 3D Beam
  • Nauticus Hull – PULS
  • RFEM


Ensured performance of your project  

C-Job Nikolayev solutions ensure an enhanced product performance and timely delivery. Customer focus is one of the basic principles that guide us in building relationships with customers.

Experienced team of engineers and managers present services ensure that each ship design project is handled in a most efficient way in terms of time, resources and cost.

C-Job Nikolayev is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in «Ship design and engineering services» which confirms a high level of processes organization and that company is aware of their customer’s requirements, and the need for quality to be consistently improved.

Feel free to contact us about your next project office@c-job-ua.com

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