Earlier we shared this case at XIV Microsoft Kyiv Project Conference with short overview for our followers in Social Media. In response to numerous requests we are excited to tell more precisely about MS Project implementation and adaptation at C-Job Nikolayev.

Several simultaneously executed projects developed by three engineering departments and external contracting companies require work synchronization, and project managers and coordinators should be able to monitor the progress of the tasks performed.

Therefore, there was a need to implement and use an automated corporate project management system. Collecting data and managing processes in one program allows forecasting the implementation of projects and introducing various innovations for higher efficiency of the company.

We consider that the key to the company’s success is carefully designed and prescribed design and quality management processes certified by Bureau Veritas for compliance with ISO 9001:2015.  The system is built in accordance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and includes the following processes:

– Creation of work schedule.

– Project execution; Working hours accounting.

– Collection and analysis of loading. Estimated % of work readiness.

– Corrective actions based on the analysis.

Контроль и визуализация

Based on the peculiarities of project management in the ship design office, we have identified the main requirements for the software:

– Flexibility of software settings;

– Accounting of man-hours for each project and department;

– Control of forecasts by budgets and deadlines;

– Performance evaluation;

– Evaluation of task progress.

The optimal solution was the choice of MS Project software packages in conjunction with Power BI. With the introduction of Microsoft Project Online and Power BI we were supported by LEO Consulting, whose specialists are suppliers of Microsoft solutions in our company.

Installation of the project management system was a justified decision; all employees have mastered the work with MS Project. Today the software functions meet 80% of the company’s needs.

The analysis of the received data allows to see, at what speed the project is realized, what man-hours consumption is necessary for realization of the full complex of tasks on the project and to plan the load. The considerable quantity of the information is visualized and submitted in a graphic view that simplifies the analysis of the received information.

Also, our team of specialists in the program has developed a set of additional functions that correspond to the specifics of the ship design office, as well as proposed special templates for projects implemented by the company. The template provides for all stages of project implementation, the task plan is updated daily. All tasks are sorted by several parameters, which allows for more rational use of man-hours.

We also plan to consolidate the obtained results and increase automation of processes within the company by developing appropriate WorkFlow and building control systems of business processes.